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I went to Nepal for tracking. For a long time I wanted to see the Himalayas mountains not in my dreams but in the reality.

Nepal is most memorable to me for it’s lockdown due to the Corona virus. Especially Kathmandu, imagine before the lockdown it was just a crazy place with very strong energy, many people, animals, street treaders, baggers all different colors and people. But during the lockdown everything calmed down and Kathmandu eventually became an empty place that was a huge chang which impressed me a lot. A very unique time for a place like this. And, of course, the Himalayas were very memorable…

Serge entertains in Nepal

I went to Mardi Himalayan, it is one of the lightest and most beautiful tracks I have ever been. I chose Mardi Himalayan because I had never been trekking, and besides, I was alone and without any equipment. I wanted to see the Himalayas after I have watched the movie «Everest». The atmosphere of Nepal is very cool there and I also want to come here again, better prepared. Without further ado, and everything is clear, I’m just a very big lover of mountains…

Capital of Nepal emptied due to COVID-19. Climbing Mount Everest
He’s not cold

I really want to go to the Chomolungma zone. Walk the trek to Everest base camp, but unfortunately I am writing this during the lockdown and now the office that issues permits to enter the protected area is closed.

Capital of Nepal emptied due to COVID-19. Climbing Mount Everest
Friends climbed almost to heaven

Since I have been living my opinion about the Nepal didn’t changed much, but I can say that Nepal seems to me as even more mystical place than I thought. Reminds Indonesia.