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Human kind is a very adaptive animal. We get used to everything — hot, cold, life conditions, being rich or poor our flexibility is amazing and each of us have it. I got used to being a traveler, got used to think where am I going next and I was thinking that is normal for everyone. Until in september I gave a very big interview for indian online magazine “Brownmag”. 

They text me on instagram and we agreed on an interview. That was my first serious interview, we have been talking for more than an hour with a very kind journalist — Nruthya Johnson

The questions she was asking me were simple but because it was an online interview I didn’t have much time to think and answers which I came up with were interesting for me as well. This is a new kind of perspective and new look from myself. That’s funny you need an interviewer to talk to yourself and understand yourself better. That makes me understand — my life is outstanding, so I am as well, gives motivation to work harder. 

That was an expected message, maybe a message from the universe, from India — country heart and love, which is printed in my memory as one of the most spiritual and interesting place in the world.

Read the interview here.

Greg's interview for the magazine Brownmag
My life is outstanding, so I am as well