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I just escaped from the reserve in Adygea, where I with @mytravelport, namely Sasha @kolivan19, Masha @mmrkvsk and Max @volkoovv, walked through mountains, forests and meadows.

Wonderful landscapes and extreme weather and real semi-fluid terrain!

This route super awesome compare with the national park in Malaysia on the island of Penang. Temperature changes so in the afternoon that you want to remove everything, but only a cloud of rain comes, it becomes cold at once. At night you wrap up in a sleeping bag in order to warm up and not to freeze to death.

Cooking on the boiler … ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION. Neither the Internet nor the telephone.

100% relax.

Now we have a rest by the sea in Dagomys, near Sochi. I am thinking of buying a used moped, restoring the rights and moving it to Abkhazia or immediately to Pyatigorsk and further to Georgia.

What do you think a cool idea?

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