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How to get some inspiration?

Let me share my ideas about it. Is inspiration is a muse which whispers you at the ear or it is your self discipline? 

One or another?

Wrong. Both. Honestly it is a matter of choice to be creative it is a matter of choice to stand up and make yourself to do something, the first step is the most important. Go fly a drone, go make some shots for your project, START writing your script. When you already begin doing something that is much earlier to continue this process until you are done. 

In Russia they say: the appetite comes at the time of eating. That kind of wisdom is adjustable for everything. You can really enjoy your jogging when you have already come to the stadium and made the first few laps. You can be a virtuosic writer if you make first two sentences and your brain starts working, but definitely have no chance if you even didn’t start.

Inspiration comes when you reach the stage of “momentum” . Getting that stage is a matter of starting to do things, “start” is a point of discipline. 

Because consistency seems like a TRUE key  for success and without it chances to achieve something big, become excellent or even aoutstang in anything, are going to be close to zero.

Sometimes we don’t even know what will pop up here or there. Our fears are our limits. So through them away and start doing!

And to share with you I want to show one of my short homework.

I’ve made it on pho been procrastinating for couple of days, I was unsure should I or not. I did know the location, the footage was completely different in my imagination. But one day at the morning after jogging with my friend I told him lets go and go it, I need a video with you standing looking at the camera and some people are passing by.

Later on we made it. Small thing but any step farwarrd it is what it is. 

The same was with this article before I sti and told myself — NOW! DO it NOW!

That what I wish to all! Don’t let your thought, fears, routine stop you! Go though it, do it!