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Hi brothers and sisters! Today we will show some videos shot and edited by Serg. By the way, Serg can make something for you. In addition to Serg, we also have a cool drone and GoPro!

Explore Istanbull — never enough! Filmed on Xiao Mi6, Xiao Mi8

We shoot different things, but we ourselves are lovers of extreme sports and relaxation at the same time. Serg is a stuntman and knows how to surprise. Greg is an officially certified yoga instructor in India.

Egypt — Through the Deset, filmed on Xiao Mi6

Filming locations for our LifeStyle video are across the globe. We shot in Turkey and Thailand, in Sri Lanka and Georgia — you can meet us anywhere. And you may not meet, this is a matter of chance. Chances 50 to 50 — either meet or not meet …

Life Style video Capadocia Magic, filmed on Xiao Mi6, Xiao Mi8

… but it’s easy to find us — on the Internet. Write to us through the feedback form on the community website, we will be happy to answer you.

And subscribe to our Youtube channel. We will be very happy about this, and soon we will reward you with new videos!