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Exactly a year ago I arrived in Bali with intention to have the best New Year’s Eve in my life — I promised myself that I will make it on 2019th with two more friends and one of them made it and came to Bali as well.

My 2020 New Year’s resolution was — to become a video maker.
Well, I can say that I came closer to that goal but still didn’t achieve it completely. Let me open this thesis.

To become a video maker for me means a lot like to make it my lifestyle, my full time job, and to live from it. I want to work as a filmmaker — making commercials, short movies and videoclips.

According to my plan I have to:

1 — Learn how to use programm software — I choose Premiere Pro and Davinchi, as of now I don’t know many things and there are lots of things to learn.

Steps toward my dream. Part 1: achievements and purchases

2 — Get the camera and learn how to use it. I have chosen FujiFilm XT4 — that is a great style and very functional camera for video making and photography.

Steps toward my dream. Part 1: achievements and purchases

3 — Get more experience in video editing. Two big projects I was doing from March and more than 100 different videos were edited.

4 — Buy a computer which would be a working beast for video editing and graphics for the next three years…Well here I made the biggest purchase in my life so far. I got ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS Duo — Intel i7, 1TRB, 32Ram, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super with Max-Q Design (8GB GDDR6) and so on…

5 — I’ve studied filmmaking “fight club” from Sabatovsky, learned a lot of things such as lighting, expositing, basic operator moves and editing tips.

6 — I also got a good video tripod.

So what’s next? Part 1 is finished. I’ll add more context into part two.

Steps toward my dream. Part 1: achievements and purchases