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What makes you make decisions? Where to go? When?

I want to tell you what brings me to Bali. That was a simple phrase — “New year in Bali”. Decided a year ago while I was in Shanghai with two of my friends and apparently one of them made it to come.

I have never seen so much fireworks in one place, the whole HUGE Kuta beach was sparkling for 2 hours in a row, lots of stages with all kinds of music and thousands of happy people. That was the first new year I have met at the beach and gosh that was super!

That’s about a positive look at things, also there was another one. Bali gets super crowded that time, if usually there is a huge traffic that’s just impossible to find a parking place. Because of all those fireworks chemicals and powders in the air that were sometimes even hard to breath. Tons of trash being left on the beach. Bottles, used fireworks and some random stuff. Lot’s of drunkies.

What has driven you?

That was an experience indeed, personally I am happy that I got there, happy to be in Bali, that kind of picture what I have in my head I achieved that was even more. That was a moment when I started seriously thinking about my mental health, why I get what I get and why do I want what I want. Why do I react to some things in a kinda childish and stupid way, why I have been involved in some situations.

Lots of questions, well Bali it’s a magical land and right question is a part of the deal.